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Bobby Neptune/USAID

Youth, Women, and Market Systems Development in Agriculture and Supporting Markets: Landscape Analysis and Case Studies Report

This report contains a landscape analysis and four case studies to explore the intended and unintended consequences of market systems development approaches to youth’s and women’s inclusion in agriculture and supporting markets.

  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Conflict and Insecurity
  • Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance
  • Digital Access and Technology
  • Economic Growth
  • Gender-Based Violence
  • Water Security, Sanitation, and Hygiene
  • Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance
  • Gender Equity and Equality Action Fund
  • Women's Economic Empowerment
  • Activity Design and Implementation
  • Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning
  • Partnerships
  • Policy Formation
  • Project Design and Implementation
  • Strategy