About GenderLinks

Welcome to GenderLinks! Our aim is to increase access to gender-related resources among USAID staff and the broader international development and humanitarian assistance community to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment globally. 

GenderLinks is an online hub where USAID staff and the broader international development and humanitarian assistance community can find tools and resources on integrating gender into their work across all sectors. It is also a place where international development and humanitarian practitioners can learn about the importance of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls as cornerstones of U.S. foreign assistance. 

The tools and resources available on this site support USAID’s implementation of the Women’s Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment (WEEE) Act of 2018, Section 3, which requires that:

  • USAID’s strategies, projects, and activities are shaped by a gender analysis;
  • Standard indicators are used to assess such strategies, projects, and activities, if applicable;
  • Gender equality and female empowerment are integrated throughout USAID’s program cycle and related processes for purposes of strategic planning, project design and implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

Use GenderLinks to:

  • Learn how sectors in which USAID works can advance gender equality objectives and how meaningful gender integration improves work across sectors;
  • Understand how to meaningfully integrate gender equality throughout the USAID program cycle;
  • Understand USAID’s gender equality and women’s empowerment policy’s guiding principles and programmatic objectives;
  • Find tools and resources that will help development and humanitarian practitioners meet USAID’s gender requirements in their work; 
  • Explore webinars, conferences, communities of practice, and other opportunities to connect with international development professionals interested in gender.

USAID’s Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Hub (GenDev) manages GenderLinks. If you have questions about GenderLinks, email us at gendevcomms@usaid.gov.

Gender Architecture

Delivering on the ambitious vision we have for gender equity and equality is a shared Agency responsibility that depends on the contributions and collective commitment of the entire USAID workforce. USAID’s global gender architecture is comprised of the Senior Gender Coordinator, USAID’s Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Hub (GenDev), and a global network of Gender Advisors and Points of Contact. 

For additional information on USAID, visit USAID Mission Directory and USAID Leadership.