PSE Case Study: Integrating Women Smallholder Farmers into International Supply Chains

Read this case study about the partnership between USAID and PepsiCo which empowers women potato farmers in West Bengal.


In 2017, a partnership between USAID and PepsiCo evolved from a shared vision to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment through increased access to land and extension services in PepsiCo’s potato value chain in West Bengal. The partnership is improving women’s integration into PepsiCo’s supply chains, while helping communities shift harmful gender norms and supporting innovative ways for women to access land. Since 2019, USAID and PepsiCo have increased women’s participation across West Bengal’s potato supply chain. The principles that are being applied can be further integrated into the PepsiCo supply chain in other areas of the world where they source from smallholder farmers through an aggregation model. This case study is part of a series highlighting how USAID is partnering with the private sector and local communities to strengthen land tenure and resource governance.