Research and Reports

Global Trends and Recommendations for Youth Excel (GESI Analysis)

Review the analysis of Youth Excel, a USAID-funded program that aims to advance gender equality by using research, learning, and data to change systems and transform norms, shifting power differentials so that diverse youth influence development decisions.


In late 2020, Youth Excel conducted a global gender equality and social inclusion analysis through desk research to 

  • Compile data and identify broad trends in line with Youth Excel’s work; and 
  • Provide recommendations for Youth Excel activities.

The first section presents an analysis of gender gaps and inequities based on other identities —including how different identities interact to create additional marginalization. The analysis is centered on gaps and barriers that may impact the Youth Excel Theory of Change (ToC) and prevent the program from having an equitable impact.

The second section outlines recommendations for strengthening the inclusivity of Youth Excel activities and outcomes. It also presents recommendations for Youth Excel’s upcoming country or regional gender analyses, which will be key in helping to further refine our understanding of what this global analysis establishes.