Equal Rights, Equal Justice: Toolkit for Addressing Gender-Based Violence Through Rule of Law Projects

Use this toolkit that assists USAID staff in designing and expanding gender-based violence prevention and response efforts and integrating them into rule-of-law programming.


 7 USAID projects are the subject of case studies that illustrate varied approaches to integrating GBV into ROL projects and implications for future programming.

By placing gender-based violence (GBV) in a rule-of-law (ROL) framework for action, the toolkit provides background information on the issue of GBV from a legal and justice perspective and suggests effective entry points within ROL projects where specific activities on GBV are most needed. 

Because monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is a key part of the program cycle, the toolkit discusses appropriate rigorous measurement of GBV interventions, with the expectation that in addition to ensuring effective project implementation, well-developed M&E can contribute to a larger evidence base about what works in preventing and responding to GBV in the legal and justice contexts.